Careers at Lauterbach

The last thing you’ll find at Lauterbach, Borschow & Co. is business as usual. That’s why the first thing we’re looking for are the best people to share our passion for excellence.

Since our founding in 1952, we’ve succeeded by recognizing that our people – our most valuable asset – make all the difference. At Lauterbach, Borschow & Company, you are important! Here is how and why:



We begin by nurturing personal growth, creativity, innovation and communication. Individual contributions are further strengthened by our team-based approach to client care. From internships to professional positions, we offer a world of career opportunities, grounded in a culture all our own.


Communication is the key to success. Our firm proudly supports an open-door policy, with no need to go through a chain of command to communicate with upper-level staff or shareholders.


With more than 45 employees (and growing), Lauterbach, Borschow & Company remains the largest Certified Public Accounting firm in the El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces areas. We’re large in vision, right-sized in attentive care.


All employees are encouraged to engage directly with our clients. This helps us address clients’ challenges and opportunities from the top down, while allowing each of us to see the positive, personal impact we make on our clients and our firm.


Investing in ourselves, we sponsor a variety of career-development programs, and encourage employees to attain Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and educational degrees. When our employees achieve personal and professional growth, we grow along with them.

University Graduates & Students

If you are a student or just out of school, find out more about the unique opportunities Lauterbach, Borschow & Company has to offer you.

Experienced Candidates

Wanting to find a new challenge in your career? Are you new to El Paso? Explore a career opportunity at Lauterbach, Borschow & Company!