University Graduates & Students

Interested in an accounting career?

Our internship programs are typically 8–15 weeks, and offer the opportunity to apply your academic education to real-world learning, networking, and tax and audit work.

After a formal, week-long training and orientation, you’ll be given a wide variety of assignments under the direct supervision of other professionals.

Your performance will be measured according to the quality of your work, application of accounting knowledge, and proficiency with software applications.

Depending on your performance and our hiring needs, we may offer you a full-time position after graduation.

Through Our Internships You'll be Able to:

  • Take on many of the same responsibilities as a full-time, first-year associate
  • Work with professionals and shareholders as an active member of the team
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Experience our culture and environment to better understand if it fits your ambitions
  • Gain hands-on experience by applying the theories and principles you learned in school
  • Develop new career-strengthening skills, such as team dynamics, effective communication and project leadership

Our Internship Programs:

Minimum Requirements:

Interns must have completed intermediate accounting and an audit class. Advanced auditing is preferred.

Time Frame:

Positions are available on a full-time basis for an 8-10 week period during the summer months.

Internships during other parts of the year will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Job Duties:

  • Assist with audits, reviews, and compilation engagements
  • Help prepare financial statements
  • Assist with internal audit work
  • Communicate with clients’ customers, creditors, banks and related parties concerning audit issues
  • Document work completed by preparing work papers

Minimum Requirements:

Interns must have completed intermediate accounting and an individual tax class. Corporate tax class is preferred.

Time Frame:

Positions are available on a part-time or full-time basis for  10 to 15 weeks during tax season (January-May).

Job Duties:

  • Prepare simple, entry-level tax returns for individual  and corporate/institutional clients, including exposure to international tax issues
  • Assist with responses to notices from the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities
  • Maintain client relationships
  • Assist with year-end filing projections
  • Perform quarterly estimates and file extensions
  • Document work completed by preparing work papers

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Intership Program

Our internships are available to students who are pursuing or have recently completed one of the following degrees:

  • A bachelor’s degree program in accounting. 150-hour program preferred
  • A master’s degree with an emphasis in accounting
  • An MBA program

As an intern at Lauterbach, Borschow & Company, you will participate in formal training programs at the office. On-the-job training is an integral part of the internship experience. You will work alongside experienced team members-many of whom were interns at Lauterbach, Borschow & Company themselves. You will have access to technology and tools to support you throughout your internship.

Our open-door policy fosters an environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions and requesting assistance with your assignments.

Our interns are exposed to the same type of work as our entry level tax and audit associates. You can find a more detailed comparison above.

Throughout your internship, you will receive feedback on your performance. During your fourth week, you will have the opportunity to meet with your supervisor and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. You are welcome to provide your feedback on our internship program and anything else you might want to share with us. You will be invited to participate in firm events, which may include sports activities, parties, networking events, and more.

The American Institute of Public Accountants provides useful information to students regarding careers in accounting. Visit their website at

Interested in Applying?

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We currently visit The University of Texas at El Paso and New Mexico State University on an annual basis. Contact your career center or faculty advisor to find out about our next career fair. Please submit your resume early, since the interview schedule can fill up quickly.

If your on-campus interview is successful, you will be invited to interview at our office. You will meet with management and staff who will share their success stories with you and answer your questions.

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